Aritzalko’s restaurant

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Aritzalko’s restaurant

If there is something we value in Aritzalko, it is the value of good gastronomy. In addition, due to our location, we are used to having top quality raw materials, which include meats, cheeses, garden products…


What will you find in the Aritzalko restaurant? Home cooking every day of the week, with a daily or weekend menu to eat well and with quality. In addition, we have a bar service also open to the public, so eating a pintxo on our terrace is highly recommended.


During the nights of the weekends it is popular that groups of friends both older and younger come to drink and enjoy rations and snacks. If you are in the area, do not hesitate to stop and meet us, you will surely come back!


Make your reservation or come directly, all the information at and +34 948 46 00 51.